Sea of Shells ~ Poetry

Hear the whispers swayed by the tides, of mermaids, seasalt and dolphin dives. Splashes of nature in all its glory, underwater world engulfed in a magical story. Listen intent with a shell upon the ear, the waves, the crashes, a sharks unfear. Glistening sunshine layers the ocean, as the beauty of earth sows it's potion. … Continue reading Sea of Shells ~ Poetry

Daisy Cheerfulness ~ Poetry

Cool little daisy, so innocent, so true. Showing your sunlit centre & white petals of bright hue. Symbolic for purity, innocence and love. Smiling wider when skies open above. Bathing in fields with the signs of spring, some made in chains on a child's wrist for bling. Your charming and cheery and It's pleasant when … Continue reading Daisy Cheerfulness ~ Poetry

Scent and Co London ~ (fragrance subscription)

Hello my lovelies. I wanted to share with you a recent discovery in the world of perfume & fragrances for men & women. Scent & Co are a great alternative way to receive your desired scents at a reasonable price, using a bargain subscription service. With over 450 premium fragrances to choose from that are … Continue reading Scent and Co London ~ (fragrance subscription)

Sparkyle ~ Gem Soap and Bath Bombs #Review

Sparkyle are an alternative & holistic health service with some amazing products, I've had the privilege of testing some of these out which I would love to share with you here in my latest blog.. Each gorgeous soap and gem bomb is cherished with essential oils and contain a stunning gemstone which is a lovely … Continue reading Sparkyle ~ Gem Soap and Bath Bombs #Review

Ooharr Face Masks #Review

I absolutely love trying new products especially when it comes to beauty and skincare, all of the little lotions & potions on the market ready to be indulged in. The colourful packaging or maybe a new brand name that you've not seen before, I always say 'if it catches my eye, it's worth a try' … Continue reading Ooharr Face Masks #Review

Bargain Beauty from the High Street

"Ladies.. Love the skin you are in, embrace your individual beauty and know that nobody is perfect, we are all brilliantly unique" I am now 33 and love indulging in simple bathroom delights, over the years I have worked my way around the shelves looking for those products that will work best with my skin, … Continue reading Bargain Beauty from the High Street

My First Love ~ The Seaside

Having contemplated for almost a whole week what to write for my very first blog, I now know that It should absolutely be about the Seaside, the brilliant British seaside. Iโ€™m very lucky to have had what I call a great childhood, not because we had everything, because we didnโ€™t. My mum & dad worked … Continue reading My First Love ~ The Seaside