Birthday Cake #Review ~ ‘bakerdays’

Happy thursday my friends. For those of you with children, you will know how exciting it is when it comes to their birthday celebrations, okay, exciting seeing their little faces light up, possibly not so exciting checking your purse after the big day passes. But hey that's a different story right. It is a lovely … Continue reading Birthday Cake #Review ~ ‘bakerdays’

Andina Columbian Coffee ~ #Review

What a perfect day to share some columbian love with you all, now I haven't done my research but I could hazard a guess that if you're a caffeine drinker, then monday is a day when you feel you need it more than any other day of the week. A little hot beverage that takes … Continue reading Andina Columbian Coffee ~ #Review

Sleep well with Homescapes Super Soft Microfibre Pillows #Review

Hey there. It's time for a review, here I am reviewing a product that revolves around something I love doing.. sleeping. Yes I adore peace & tranquility, quiet time, slumber. Don't we all? I've even done my research; the average person spends 8 hours sleeping every night. That's nearly 300,000 hours of sleep in ones … Continue reading Sleep well with Homescapes Super Soft Microfibre Pillows #Review