New Competition ~ Win a Dorsal Bracelet (Ocean Clean-Up)

Good morning all! Welcome to my latest giveaway, in celebration of becoming an Ambassador for Dorsal Bracelets. If you're a lover of our planet, and appreciative of businesses who support & contributes to our ocean clean-ups then read on.. The people behind this amazing brand Dorsal Bracelets, are well aware of the devestating impact that … Continue reading New Competition ~ Win a Dorsal Bracelet (Ocean Clean-Up)

Smiling for Miles ~ Poetry

"Oceans inspire the depth of feelings, a perfect inhalation of existence. A sense of peace, dissolution of troubles and woes with the tides persistence. Sunglow reflections upon salty ripples, a horizon magnifying a distance. Closing the eyes, smiling for miles, expressing a heartfelt belonging of unresistance."

Sea of Shells ~ Poetry

Hear the whispers swayed by the tides, of mermaids, seasalt and dolphin dives. Splashes of nature in all its glory, underwater world engulfed in a magical story. Listen intent with a shell upon the ear, the waves, the crashes, a sharks unfear. Glistening sunshine layers the ocean, as the beauty of earth sows it's potion. … Continue reading Sea of Shells ~ Poetry