April Flowers and Delights

Stepping foot into the secret garden of hopes & dreams, sees a magical array of wonderfully colourful flowers and a place that delivers an awe inspiring view of peace & tranquility. Yes this is a lovely place to be, we took our boys and their baskets for a cute little easter Egg hunt at the … Continue reading April Flowers and Delights

Rainy Days & Misunderstanding

Is it raining outside? Are those little droplets upon the window? Yes? Well today is going to be a fine day. Everything about it I love ~ the smells, the sounds, the scenes. Its like music to my ears, washing away the dust of everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, sunshine is good, sunshine is … Continue reading Rainy Days & Misunderstanding

My First Love ~ The Seaside

Having contemplated for almost a whole week what to write for my very first blog, I now know that It should absolutely be about the Seaside, the brilliant British seaside. I’m very lucky to have had what I call a great childhood, not because we had everything, because we didn’t. My mum & dad worked … Continue reading My First Love ~ The Seaside