30 Days Wild ~ Glorious Nature and Wildlife

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the #30DaysWild challenge. For those who don't know what that is, then read on.. 30 Days Wild is a challenge that was set up by The Wildlife Trusts, people taking part simply had to delve into a little piece of nature every day thoughout the month … Continue reading 30 Days Wild ~ Glorious Nature and Wildlife

Dawn Chorus, A Shepherds Hut Delight, (Glamping in Suffolk)

Ever wondered what it's like to give glamping a go? It's absolutely what it stands for.. abit of glamour thrown into camping. With so many different accommodation styles to suit it's no wonder these are proving more and more popular as time goes by. Even on the most traditional camping sites there seems to be … Continue reading Dawn Chorus, A Shepherds Hut Delight, (Glamping in Suffolk)

Rainy Days & Misunderstanding

Is it raining outside? Are those little droplets upon the window? Yes? Well today is going to be a fine day. Everything about it I love ~ the smells, the sounds, the scenes. Its like music to my ears, washing away the dust of everyday life. Donโ€™t get me wrong, sunshine is good, sunshine is … Continue reading Rainy Days & Misunderstanding

My First Love ~ The Seaside

Having contemplated for almost a whole week what to write for my very first blog, I now know that It should absolutely be about the Seaside, the brilliant British seaside. Iโ€™m very lucky to have had what I call a great childhood, not because we had everything, because we didnโ€™t. My mum & dad worked … Continue reading My First Love ~ The Seaside