Birthday Cake #Review ~ ‘bakerdays’

Happy thursday my friends.

For those of you with children, you will know how exciting it is when it comes to their birthday celebrations, okay, exciting seeing their little faces light up, possibly not so exciting checking your purse after the big day passes. But hey that’s a different story right.

It is a lovely time, seeing them wake up in the morning to a few little gifts, balloons & banners, afterall, they are the most important little human beings to us and nothing elates us more than seeing them happy.

Before I reviewed a lovely cake from bakerdays, I always settled for supermarket cakes, yes that chocolate caterpillar cake from Tesco has made its way into our home on several occasions. As nice as these cakes can be, I was excited to review a scrumptious cake from this lovely online business, they can be personalised to your choosing and they have a vast selection to choose from, and not just for children.

It was our youngest Son Dylan’s 5th Birthday recently, oh the joys, such a beautiful, kind and witty little boy he has become, I knew he would love this cake..

This particular one was from their letterbox range, so no waiting in for the delivery guy.

It was packaged very well in a box and once opened, the cake itself was placed very nice and neatly into a cute reusable ‘Just for You’ gift tin. Containing a birthday card from the team, and a pull paper to ensure it can be lifted out without any tampering, also some foam packing rolls were placed inside to make sure the cake kept its artistic shape.

Here is the little beauty, a wonderfully created and detailed traditional sponge Racing Car Cake.

I was very impressed with the quality and design, also the fact that this was not a super large cake, it was personal to him and he enjoyed that very much. We decided to add some cute cupcakes around the plate, so mummy & daddy could munch away at something sweet with him.

Dylan was very excited when the happy birthday singing begun and he could finally see his birthday cake surprise and blow out his candles.

Yes his eyes did light up, and he enjoyed tucking into his cake, of course he’s a kind little kid and shared it with his big brother Finley, so long as he got the big chunk of racing car!

The sponge tasted lovely, a traditional one that’s always enjoyed along with the beloved icing, plus he was even able to save a couple of slices for lunch the next day.

Thankyou bakerdays ~ it was the perfect birthday cake for our little racing car mad kid xx

I will no doubt be purchasing one for our biggest boy who turns 7 soon, the Daddy Shark cake looks amazing, and even comes with a shark plush toy & balloons ~ Such a great selection, and not just cakes.

So take a look at their whole range, there really is something for everyone and even photos can be added to make it even more personal.

So head on over here and have a browse!

I would love to know what birthday celebrations you have coming up, please feel free to comment below.

Have a wonderful day

Love Brooke

(this was a collaborative post, I was gifted a cake in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own).

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