Materialism ~ Poetry

“Materialism has no power, when appreciation is a greater high.

Materialism has no time, when the shortness of it is understood.

Materialism has no direction, when the goal is soul satisfaction.

Materialism has no value, when you gaze upon a starry sky.

Materialism has no honesty, when it warps a soul to believe its a necessity.

Materialism has no kindness, when it strips away selflessness.

Materialism has no love, when a human connection instantly sparks.

Materialism has no room, when you look beyond the surface of the ocean.

You will hold power!

You will bide time!

You will see direction!

You will pride value!

You will seek honesty!

You will enjoy kindness!

You will find love!

You will have room!

It surrounds us all every day.

Beauty is priceless in every way.”

2 thoughts on “Materialism ~ Poetry

  1. What you say here is absolutely true. The “stuff” is merely transitory and impermanent while the important things are imperishable, such as the spiritual beauty you praise.


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