Beauté Sauvage ~ Wild Beauty #Review

Welcome to Beauté Sauvage ~ a wild and wonderfully natural skin and bodycare range from a lovely American brand.

I was delighted when I was asked to trial a trio of beauts from their collection, which are all totally natural and free from any preservatives.

1. Colloidial Oatmeal

Used as a daily cleanser, or a weekly mask, this product is lovely to apply. A pot of powdery white goodness. I’ve not used oatmeal on the skin before so this was refreshing and new to me. It doesn’t have much of a scent at first but when mixed with a little water, it stirs a delicious aroma which smells good enough to eat, it really does remind me of a cosy kitchen. A nicely mild cleanser that leaves skin feeling so soft, smooth and radiant, with an earthy warmth to it. My skin can become a little red when using some products but this did not aggrevate it at all, plus this cleanser appears to be keeping some breakouts at bay.

I am yet to try this as a mask ~ I bet its lovely.

2. Botanical Body Scrub

What a scrumptious scent this is ~ tangy grapefruit!

A really uplifting and hydrating product, only a small amount needed for the benefits to be felt. This glides nicely over the body and you can feel the smoothness of the skin even during application, beneath the scrub particles. It not only smoothes, nourishes and leaves skin feeling cleansed & refreshed, but it’s also provides an instant uplift due to its refreshing and zesty scent.

3. Detox Masque

A powdery beige product for use on the skin as a mask, I don’t know about you, but when I use masks, I tend not to use them too often, once a week is perfect and is always a really enjoyable way to unwind and revive the skin. This mask, again, is a product that’s already in the pot, ready for you to add water to form a consistency thats perfect for you, which is great, I did use quite abit of the powder as I prefer a thicker feel to a mask, this was pleasant to use, again with the use of oatmeal, there’s that lovely warmth from the oaty scent, it also contains red moroccan clay, providing a nice treat for the skin and I shall enjoy using this over the coming weeks.

Overall, all three of these natural products are enjoyable to use, my skin feels replenished and cared for, with gorgeous aromas in each and every one of them,

What I do really like, is the fact that the facial products come in a powdery form, I like that you can mix the right amount of water to get a consistency to your own preference. It’s also advised that instead of using water to mix, it’s a great idea to use different wet ingredients to form those consistencies such as ‘rose water’ or ‘aloe vera juice’ which all contain amazing ingredients for the skin.

I’m personally discovering that the natural way is definitely the best way, as my skin can be quite sensitive, and using products full of astringents and preservatives tend to irritate it somewhat.

So if your looking to discover your wild beauty, naturally, then go ahead and treat yourselves to some lovely products from Beauté Sauvage


Thankyou for reading my latest beauty review. What is your ‘go to’ product for deep cleansed skin? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

Love Brooke xx

(this was a collaborative post with Beauté Sauvage, I was gifted these products in return for an honest review all thoughts and opinions are my own).

2 thoughts on “Beauté Sauvage ~ Wild Beauty #Review

  1. Great post! I actually haven’t heard of this brand before, their products sound very interesting I might just try a few of them.
    I will definitely follow for future posts!
    Feel free to check out my blog as I post about life, beauty and skincare!
    and feel free to follow my IG: @r.gravityblog


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