Andina Columbian Coffee ~ #Review

What a perfect day to share some columbian love with you all, now I haven’t done my research but I could hazard a guess that if you’re a caffeine drinker, then monday is a day when you feel you need it more than any other day of the week. A little hot beverage that takes you straight from a sunday slumber and bang on into the hustle and bustle of a fresh week, ready to grind (pardon the pun) your way through it all.

I am most definitely a coffee drinker; people from the UK get through a whole 70 million cups of it a day. I had tried to give it up at one point, but that actually gave me a headache for weeks, it wasn’t long before I was boiling the kettle and dipping the spoon into a pot of brown granules again, drinking coffee does have many benefits, I know it certainly makes me feel more refreshed, alert and satisfied.

The Coffee..

Now here I get to try some special coffee, I know it’s special.. it’s Columbian.

Andina Excelsior Ground Coffee

Us brits have got a real taste for this kind over the years, which is why the market has become greater. These particular beans have been handpicked in the Andean region of Columbia (northwest of Valle De Cauca to be precise) and shipped all the way here in the UK, for us jolly bunch to enjoy with no hassle to obtain.

With its striking imagery, it stands out as a quality product, pleasing to the eye whilst capturing an essence of mystery. I’m abit of a geek when it comes to design, I believe a product shouldn’t have to display a tonne of descriptive words on the front, simple can be best, and that’s what I love about this, it draws you in and you want to find out more.

The Taste..

A really pleasant taste, with a medium smooth body, it’s how I would describe as a sweet, mellow and happy cup of coffee, that’s not too strong, using one heaped teaspoon per person in a french press is just right for me, simply add an additional spoonful for a stronger hit. It’s delightfully dark and these packs hold a generous amount (250g). Sometimes I find the ground coffees a little sickly, almost treacly, but this one is more quenchingly smooth and easily enjoyable.

These beans are ground up with notes of citric, chocolate, caramel & almond ~ the flavours here are very well balanced which is why I enjoy the mellow sweetness of it, plus dusting off my beloved caffatiere has been greatly welcomed. It’s safe to say, I will sticking around for some lovely Andina coffee for a while.

For those of you that enjoy grinding your own beans then that’s just great, these are also sold as a variety here.

Andina Excelsior Roasted Beans

It’s no surprise that this Arabica bean coffee won the Monde Selection Gold Award which certifies this as a quality product for consumers. There we go, I was aware of the quality just by looking at it, that little bit of mystery goes a long way.

If you would like to find out more about this company and their coffee, then you can head straight over to the website, also an ethical business working with fair trade suppliers.

Please feel free to follow their social media channels to stay in the loop of their coffee success..

Instagram / Facebook

What’s your absolute coffee favourites? Comments welcome below.

Enjoy & have a great Monday

Love Brooke

(This is a collaborative post with Andina Coffee, I was gifted this product in return for a blog review, all thoughts & opinions are my own)

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