Pretty Athletic ~ Keeping your skin replenished throughout your workouts #Review

Good day my friends.

I’ve a beauty review for you right here, right now.

Are you sweating it out at the gym, chasing lengths in the pool, or bending over backwards in all shapes and forms at home? (yep that’s me, the home workout girl), maybe you’re a professional athlete with a very busy schedule. Either way, whatever it is you’re doing, I’m sure you’re doing great so keep up the good work!

We all know that exercise is good for us, no matter what the intensity. Physical activity can increase our self-esteem, our moods, improve the quality of our sleep and give us a much needed boost of energy, as well as reducing our risks to many illnesses.

So whilst we’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping active, eating better foods and being focused & positive with our goals, one thing that we may forget about is keeping our skin nourished and hydrated along the way.

I for one, completely dismissed my skin whilst working out, splashing my face with water or wiping away sweat with a towel, hey presto, reapply some bb-cream and a touch of lippy and carry on with my day. But when you think about it, all that showering, sweating and wiping away, were just stripping away the goodness our skin needs to recover, from redness, to clogged pores and dehydration.

So when I was approached by Pretty Athletic to trial their skincare, I was excited, curious and couldn’t wait to try their products. Plus the light bulb in my head that said “ahh yeah of course”, our skin is an important part of our health & wellbeing too.

So let’s check out these beauties…

* 1) Hyaluronic Vitamin Tonic (Work Out Glow)

A vitamin Tonic spritz to be applied to the face before and after your workout.

This is a very cool & refreshing rose water spray, that doesn’t leave your face dripping with moisture, instead it’s a gentle saturation that makes you feel instantly hydrated, this especially feels good applying after your set, and leaves your skin looking radiant & feeling really clean, who needs a base makeup when you have those rosy workout cheeks? I have to say, this was my favourite product from the bunch.

* 2) Purifying Gel Cleanser (Cool Down)

A cleansing gel to apply to your face after your workout and before you wash.

This felt really cooling to the skin when applying, I felt this was a little too sticky but nonetheless, I can see how it brings benefits, as it contains the amazing Aloe Vera which is a known ingredient to reduce skin irritation and inflammations such as acne & eczema. This is a gel that requires washing off, my preference would be to use this at home if I’m showering and winding down for the evening, but I would use the Tonic (above) alone if im on the go and ready to fly out the door.

* 3) Invigorating Shower Scrub (Instant Refresh)

Zesty and invigorating, my favourite kind of scents for the bath or shower. This is the most aromatic product of the range, with jojoba microspheres, lemon tea tree, menthol and raspberry seeds, no wonder this is so pleasantly zingy and refreshing, Perfect! With a smooth lather and fine particles that washes away easily, I tend to use exfoliating mitts when I apply a scrub to wipe away any dead skin cells for all over replenished and soft skin.

* 4) Gel Body Moisturiser (Hydration Kick)

Another cooling zesty product that glides over the body easily and generously, with a light, creamy white texture that’s not sticky. Really pleasant to apply and leaves skin feeling revived and pampered. It also contains Aloe to reduce any skin irritations that sweat can bring, along with black oats, vitamin C, zinc & hyaluronic acid. Gorgeously scented.

Last but not least..

* 5) Cell Repair Serum (Recovery Boost)

A vitamin enriched serum to be applied nightly.

Until a year ago, I was a newbie user of serum, as you may know from some of my recent beauty reviews, serums and oils are my new found besties. I don’t think I know many beauty brands now that have not incorporated a serum into their collection. This particular one is all about skin restoration and is lightweight to use, with that typical yellow appearance and mild scent. This is a little something I like to use at night, before bed, for that glowing sheen that takes you straight through to the morning. Especially good to repair the skin from environmental damage; the cold, the wind, grey January’s. Yes, serums are so satisfying to use.

So overall, I’m really impressed with this range and the benefits to the skin it provides, for one, there’s not many brands that target specifically for fitness stressed skin, which makes this a unique collection from a brand who have clearly put lots of time and effort into creating a blend of purposeful ingredients for their products.

Everything is super absorbed and perfect for regular use and quick, on the go skincare.

To me, this is as good as when Aussie Hair brought out their 3 Minute Miracle!

What is also good to know and a real bonus is that these products are 95% natural, vegan, and packed with scientifically proven actives.

So keep working on those regimes, and staying actively fit, we all want health, happiness and general wellbeing and this is the perfect way to maintain and care for that important outer layer too.

To check this brand out you can head straight to the Pretty Athletic website here. To keep in touch via social media then here are the links..




If your sticking to any new years fitness resolutions, how’s it going? I’d love to know, drop a comment below.

(This is a collaborative post, I was gifted these products from ‘Pretty Athletic’ for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own).

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