Story Glow ~ The Magic of Christmas #Review

Hello lovely readers

Welcome to my latest review for the Story Glow Box; a fun-filled box full of magical reading and festive activities for the children. Our two little boys Finley & Dylan were super excited when Glowy the worm posted this to them and I’m happy to have been approached by the Story Glow team to review such a fab creation.

This particular box is the festive edition, with everything packed neatly inside and presented just like a gift to the children personally, with Glowy the worm on the cover, it’s clear who this is for and where it came from, the personal touch certainly added to the fun & excitement that this months Glow Box has arrived.

So what’s inside the box?

  • A personal letter from Glowy ~ A welcome note to the children with an idea of what activities are included, to keep them busy throughout the festive season.
  • A letter for Santa ~ The children were of course very excited to write to Santa to tell him how good they’ve been and what they would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

  • A Reindeer Sun catcher ~ Always great to get stuck into a little bit of painting, especially when it can be hung up by the window in their bedroom, these two really enjoy showing off their creations. Dylan’s favourite thing is painting.

  • Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter ~ Of course, the perfect excuse for Mummy to pop the oven on so they can get their hands messy with some festive baking, searching for ingredients and rolling out the dough. Lots of smiles right here and this was surprisingly, the first time they’d used a cookie cutter, they chose chocolate chip cookie men and they went down a treat.

  • Make your own Christmas Tree Decorations ~ A cute snowman, santa & stocking that they had fun sticking together and tying the strings to hang onto the Christmas tree. When you’ve got young children, home made decorations are absolutely perfect, our tree is full of them this year.

  • Colouring Pages of Glowy ~ Colouring is always fun for any child, especially over the Christmas period. No school, cold rainy days, cosy homes, festive films, sprawled out on the floor surrounded by paper & pens. Never gets boring.

  • Story Book, “Socks for Santa” ~ A cute festive read about little George and his magical Christmas adventures. It’s nice to have some fun reading with the children with lovely books like this, what with being so wrapped up with their daily books to read from school, it’s nice to throw some fun into it, to keep their imaginations running wild and free. This book was presented really lovely too, wrapped in brown gift paper and a hand tied string bow with a cute snowflake gift tag with their names on, of course, this was hung onto the christmas tree too.

.. Last but not least..

  • Learn with Glowy, the Parents Guide (share, learn, create) ~ An action packed educational booklet with lots of hidden surprises, from ways to read & respond to the storybook, checklists for Santa, festive words to learn, home experiments, baking recipes, crafting ideas and lots more.

We really loved how this box was presented just like a gift, full of surprises. It’s clear how the story book is the centerpiece, as the fun crafts were all related to the story. The parents guide gives great ideas of things to do, it’s nice to spend time with the children delving into it and allowing them to think about the words, the rhymes, the spellings and the actions within the story. So not just a box full of exciting activities but also a box with a great educational element that makes learning fun and enjoyable for the children.

So how does it work?

These boxes can be purchased online at

You can have various subscriptions or you can even just purchase a box as a one off with no continued cost. All with free delivery.

One Month ~ £12.99 (one cost)

6 Months ~ £11.69 (per month)

12 Months ~ £11.04 (per month)

A real bargain gift subscription I would highly recommend.

Thankyou for reading my review and learning abit more about Story Glow, I would love to know what your children’s favourite activities are over the festive season, please feel free to comment below.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

Love Brooke


(This is a collaborative post, I was gifted this product from Story Glow in return for a review. All thoughts & opinions are my own).

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