Learning to Write the Fun Way ~ Write Size #Review

Write Size are a wonderful business who have the right idea of making learning fun and making writing easy for children.

When a child enters the world of education, it can be daunting but exciting, tiresome but rewarding, challenging but entertaining; a whole mix of emotions and that’s without the pressures of making new friends and settling into a whole new routine.

That’s why it’s a great idea to get the ball rolling at home and allowing children to get a head start with the basics. That’s where ‘Write Size’ come into it, dedicated to giving children the correct size writing pens and books so they can learn to write quickly, efficiently and easy, allowing them the confidence and independence for their early years.

I recently entered a competition to win a set of writing pencils and an alphabet practise pad and was delighted when I won, I loved how our boys took to the prize and couldn’t wait to begin. I was so impressed with how easy they found holding and writing with these pencils, created with a chunkier style to the usual pencils, they made for the perfect grip for small hands, so practising their letters was both easy and enjoyable. Once they got the hang of copying the letters, they were writing freely and surprisingly quick too.

A perfect size
Right hand tripod grip with good control

This alphabet and handwriting book has provided great practise not only for tracing and writing the letters, but also for sounding out the letters. Each A4 page is sectioned out for upper case and lower case lettering with a fun picture that begins with a particular letter (G g ~ Giraffe πŸ¦’) (M m ~ Mouse 🐁). There’s also a back page dedicated to numbers.

M is for Mouse
Tracing the letter F
Away with the t’s

This set also comes with fun, colourful stickers to show their progress, of course children love to feel rewarded for their efforts, a great wonder for reassurance and self-esteem.

So its safe to say that we were very impressed with these products and would highly recommend children to use these amazing books and pencils for their own learning journey.

Our two boys have really enjoyed using them and are really pleased when they’ve completed a page and been rewarded with a sticker. They’re now looking forward to the next books to practise with, but also our youngest one Dylan only recently started school in September and his teacher is already impressed with his writing practise in class, so it’s wonderful to know that these products are really helping him along the way.

The Right Size Website is full of fun and creative tools to get started and the systems allow for onward and upward progression throughout the years.

Here are the links to social media to follow and have a look for yourselves.




Thankyou so much for reading my review, please feel free to comment on your little ones fun learning journeys.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Write the Fun Way ~ Write Size #Review

  1. What a wonderful idea! It’s so difficult sometimes to get kids to sit and write, fun activities and tools are a great way to get the kids engaged! πŸ™‚


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