30 Days Wild ~ Glorious Nature and Wildlife

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the #30DaysWild challenge. For those who don’t know what that is, then read on..

30 Days Wild is a challenge that was set up by The Wildlife Trusts, people taking part simply had to delve into a little piece of nature every day thoughout the month of June, whether that be going for a woodland walk, planting some flowers with the kiddies, getting up close to a ladybird, or snapping a pic of that little birdie that pops up on your fence every day. Either way taking a lovely photograph to capture your finds and sharing them via social media was the challenge but it was a very enjoyable & easy challenge as you can imagine, after all we all live on this beautiful planet surrounded by nature & wildlife in all its great elements. Thousands of people got involved and it’s been great searching on the #30DaysWild hashtag and checking many of them out.

I thought I would share a few little captures here of my own..

Pretty Purple Flower
Spider awaiting his prey
Seagull in thought
Dew dripped leaf
Beach crab

We spent a week at the Norfolk Coast and this was the only crab we found (it’s not alive unfortunately). The poor crabs were battered by the recent storms and many were washed away, it’s a typical example of how wildlife suffers due to our changing climate.

Collection of Seashells

One of my favourite pictures, who doesn’t enjoy scouring the seashores and seeking out these little treasures?

Planting out radishes

Always a great way to bring children closer to nature; fun, messy & a very cool lesson in life.

The beautiful butterfly

Perched on the trellises in our garden, this beautiful little butterfly let me get so close to take the pic. I loved it so much I even wrote a poem about it here on a previous blog post..

The Wings of a Butterfly

Pretty Pink Flowers ~ Looking like Flamenco Dancers

Who says Chickens don’t have character?
Seagulls surfacing the Ocean
The beginning of a Superglobe Plant
Lizard escape

Believe it or not, this grasshopper did escape the Lizards cage and hopped right next to my foot.

Sleeping Bee in a Rose

Another bee doing what it does best
Hiding snails
The 3 Little pigs

These were so friendly, it may have had something to do with us having a good handful of munchies whenever we greeted them, based on a little farm in Suffolk, also a great place to go glamping, see my previous blog post here to find out more about this wonderful place..

Dawn Chorus ~ A Shepherds Hut Delight

Ducks wading through the Lillypads

Finding Nemo
Plants looking like popcorn
3 Little Ducklings

So there we are, I’m sorry to bombard you with so many images but this post was not going to be much about text. A picture says a thousand words and one things for sure, the 30 days challenge doesn’t just stop there. It has really opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and this challenge has simply inspired me to continue with this little journey of capturing the essences through the eyes of a lens, but more importantly, have our two little boys grow up appreciating the little things in life, getting out there and exploring, breathing in the fresh air, grabbing those fishing nets for pond dipping, getting muddy, researching our findings and learning more about our discoveries as we go along, and cherishing these times as a family.

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