Sleep well with Homescapes Super Soft Microfibre Pillows #Review

Hey there.

It’s time for a review, here I am reviewing a product that revolves around something I love doing.. sleeping. Yes I adore peace & tranquility, quiet time, slumber. Don’t we all?

I’ve even done my research; the average person spends 8 hours sleeping every night.

That’s nearly 300,000 hours of sleep in ones lifetime!!!

So when I entered a competition with to win a pair of Ultra Soft Super Microfibre Pillows to review & keep I was delighted, and they were sent nicely packaged in a smart zip-up carry case.

Now I’m the sort of person who’s always flapping about at night with my pillows, swapping sides, puffing them up and looking for the cold spots, ‘Come on babe, are you comfy yet’? are regular words said to me at bedtime. ‘Er.. almost’ I say. There I am, one pillow under my head and one being cuddled.

My Review..

Nice bold soft white pillows.

Homescapes boast these as a 5 star hotel quality pair & that’s exactly what they remind me of, the lovely quality pillows your greeted with when you embark on an overnight hotel stay. I’m not really one for a firm pillow so these being so super soft made for a comfortable head rest. As I lay down on the pillow it almost moulds to the shape of my head and face (I’m a side sleeper), so feeling gently nestled, snug and supported with absolutely no lumps and bumps ~ very smooth and comfortable. I love the way the pillows bounce straight back to shape when you rise your head from the pillow. They seem very durable too, I can imagine these staying in good shape for a long time. It’s safe to say that I had a really good night’s sleep and I didn’t feel the need to keep turning them over and puffing them up. I would recommend these pillows if your looking for ones that are soft and provide a bit of luxury.

They are 100% soft cotton and also suitable for allergy sufferers as they are anti-dust mite & hypoallergenic, so a real bonus in a pillow product.

Homescapes are currently running an up to 50% sale online too so if new pillows are what you need or if your looking to improve your nights rest then have a browse on their website.. here are their links..





Thankyou for reading my review. I would love to know what gives you a peaceful nights sleep, a radox bubble bath & a mug of hot choc always does it for me. Feel free to comment below.

(This is a collaborative post, I was gifted these pillows having taken part in a competition, in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

2 thoughts on “Sleep well with Homescapes Super Soft Microfibre Pillows #Review

    1. Hey there you are so wonderul. Thankyou so much for adding me to your nomission I’m so happy you did that bless you. I will absolutely do the same next week when I return from holiday. This blogging is all so exciting haha 😉👍 have a lovely day xx


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