LIMA, Naturally Handmade Cosmetics ~ Beauty #Review

Well I’ve been so excited to write about these products ever since I first set eyes on them, and even more so since trying them out for myself. I’m always impressed by a brand that takes utmost care in sourcing the best ingredients for the benefits of our skin, and with LIMA in mind, they do just that.

~ All natural skincare that’s been handmade with quality and care. They say beauty is skin deep, so why not layer it with a bit of love.

My skin type is normal & the naughty little blemishes that grated on me all those years ago have hugely reduced to next to nothing now, I truely believe that the reason for this is that my skin has matured, I don’t carry around all of those niggly little hormones that reak havoc with the skin. I am now simply looking for kind products that cares for and nourishes the skin, and natural ingredients are the way forward, free from chemicals and astringents that really don’t sit very well with me anymore. So welcome to LIMA, I think I’ve just found the perfect cosmetics brand for me, and hopefully after reading this review some of you may like to try for yourself too.

Here is what Mr Postman delivered to me, a nicely packaged box of LIMA products, beautifully hand tied with a silky black ribbon.

Nestled amongst green shredded paper to avoid product damage, sits a selection of tan brown pots and bottles, they look somewhat medicinal, I actually quite like that, it’s the thing I find most striking about these, along with the Lima Naturally Handmade slogan in elegant gold lettering. It’s pleasing to the eye and immediately look great in quality.

Also presented is LIMA’S RECIPE information card, I always find this useful to know, especially when applying products I’ve never tried before, I like to know what’s in a skincare product before I use it. It’s also a great way to understand the goals & aspirations within a brands range when it’s listed like a ‘welcome to my products’ card.

So why are LIMA products so kind & caring for the skin? Here’s why..

They boast natural high quality ingredients which are rich in nutrients and free from toxins & parabens, a lot of love and passion goes into producing them too as the best ingredients are all combined by hand ensuring the highest quality is maintained.

◾ Aromatherapy Candle ◾

Did i mention that LIMA does not just limit themselves to skincare? They do some other wonderul products too, such as this aromatherapy candle made with beeswax, shea butter, vegetable oils and essential oils. I love the wick on this candle, a chunky square one, not like one I’ve seen before. It’s nicely fragrant but not too overpowering, Once lit, it reminded me slightly of incense without the unnecessary smoke, gently smouldering into a warm orange glow and filling the room with a calm dim light. I think the tan brown pot colour adds to its glowing essence.

Natural Deodorant

In a Deodorant stick roll-on form this smells like fresh lavender (one of my favourite scents) ever so slightly crumbly which is okay as it smooths out after only a few strokes, leaving my underarms with a fresh warmth, non sticky and no marks to clothing. This product is full of butters, beeswax, magnesium & anti-bacterial essential oils. I enjoy using this deoderant stick, not only for the nice lavender scent but I don’t feel like I need to reapply often throughout the day (it’s been pretty hot lately too), twice daily is perfect.

Face Scrub, Regenerating Cleanser

My favourite product in the box!!

Not a thick facial scrub which some are, and I find many others out there on the shelves to be too harsh for the skin especially when used on a daily basis. However with LIMA’s cleansing face scrub, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a liquid, not a cream, bubbles up when shaken, it has a simple spurt bottle top like a soap dispenser so mess free. When poured into the palm of your hand your met with a nice liquid scrub which is browny orange in colour and contains apricot kernel grains which gently exfoliates. Best to cup your hand when applying as to not allow the liquid to seep between your fingers. But this scrub cleanser has a nice foamy feel and lathers up gently on the face, it’s a really lovely and invigorating wash and the grains rinse off well, unlike others which can take many rinses to completely get rid of the grains. My skin feels completely fresh & uplifted when using this and leaves my skin with a radiant sheen. This cleansing scrub contains herbal extracts & essential oils, with again that lovely lavender scent along with peppermint and tea tree ~ we all know how beneficial tea tree is for those unwanted blemishes.

◾ Anti-Age Face Serum ◾

Now I’m not very savvy on serums, I’ve never really understood how and at what point in the skincare regime these should be applied. But seen as these products are so delightful, I did my research as i wasn’t going to miss out on a serum anymore. A simple screw cap & applicator in one. I use a few drops of this serum oil over my cheeks, forehead, nose & chin and work it gently across my whole face, it’s slightly orange in colour but feels lovely to apply, blending in well until the orangeness has disappeared and my face is glowing. This product contains lots of oils, as you’d expect ~ rose hip, macadamia, raspberry seed & sea buckthorn to be precise, how lovely do they sound? All combined with vitamin E, sandalwood, frankincense (amazingly beneficial ingredient) and neroli. The least fragrant product from the collection. I’ve newly discovered that a serum works well at penetrating deep within the skin, whilst a moisturiser concentrates on the surface of the skin. So i choose to only use this serum at night before bed, without a moisturiser. My skin looks and feels fresh & radiant in the morning, like it’s really working it’s magic throughout the night.

◾ Anti-Age Face Cream ◾

A really fragrant cream full of zestyness, it almost has a medicinal scent, a nice bright white cream that blends nicely, the thing i love the most about this cream is not only it’s anti ageing properties (containing hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts, essential oils & other high quality oils similar to that of the serum), but also for the fact it works really well as a good base for makeup, again it’s not sticky, none of these products seem to be which it’s great, I really dislike stickiness especially when the weather is warm, it can be a nuisance applying makeup after your mornings skincare regime, so yes I’m really happy with this face cream too.

◾ Nourishing Body Cream ◾

Very nourishing indeed, and here comes the beautiful smell of lavender again, but more fresh and sweet, this is because it also contains mandarin (how scrumptious), orange & neroli. Enriched with vitamin E and essential oils, It gives a good amount of moisture for the skin and spreads evenly without drying out instantly, great when your working it into the lengths of your legs and thighs. My skin smells good after using this, no stickiness and very fresh with a nice cooling feel afterwards.

My Final Thoughts on LIMA Cosmetics!

I find this brand wonderful, they are real quality products and the aromas coming from them are amazingly refreshing. After using this skincare for a week and an half I can honestly say that I’m feeling the benefits from each and every one of them. It’s a brand I’ve loved writing about and the products are ones I will continue to use. They do many other naturally handmade products and I can’t wait to experiment further.

What other products have LIMA created?

  • Regenerating herb face wash
  • Geranium face serum
  • Mixed herbs tamanu & thyme face scrub
  • Rose face toner
  • Lavender & grapefruit soap
  • Lavender, peppermint & eucalyptus deodorant
  • Lavender body scrub
  • Lavender body butter
  • Ylang ylang body oil
  • Lavender & bergamot perfume
  • Lavender & bergamot deoderant cream
  • Orange lip balm
  • Aromatherapy oil
  • Aromatherapy roll-on oil
  • Lavender & orange lip gloss

How can I try LIMA Cosmetics for myself?

Lima Naturally Handmade Cosmetics are available to purchase online using their website below.. they are produced and made with love in Israel and all products can be shipped globally.

Lima Website


I hope you have all enjoyed reading this review and have gained a good insight into the quality of skincare by LIMA. I would love to know what brands of skincare you currently use and have you ever tried LIMA before?

Please comment below and let me know 😊

(This is a collaborative post with LIMA Cosmetics and myself, I was gifted these products in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

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