Each Day ~ Ode to my Boys

Each step you take I will guide you with care,

you’re my boys, I love you and I’ll always be there.

Each dream you have I will join and explore,

It’s your life my child, young years should not bore.

Each time your worries are big or small,

I will teach you that you’ll always get through it all.

Each question you ask, you must never be scared,

curiosity and wonder are happily paired.

Each person you meet, be fair and kind,

often the manners are returned you’ll find.

Each song you hear that is great, sing aloud,

the joys you show will make me proud.

Each day that passes always try your best,

We’re not born perfect, life is not a test.

But most of all I want you to see.

Each day I breathe you are everything to me.

(Ode to my boys)

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