Sparkyle ~ Gem Soap and Bath Bombs #Review

Sparkyle are an alternative & holistic health service with some amazing products, I’ve had the privilege of testing some of these out which I would love to share with you here in my latest blog..

Each gorgeous soap and gem bomb is cherished with essential oils and contain a stunning gemstone which is a lovely surprise.

If you’ve never heard of a gem bomb then you’re in the same boat as I was, it’s quite simply a bath bomb that holds a stunning gemstone inside, which appears when immersed under running water. This is why Sparkyle are so unique. Remember those luscious little bombs that fizzled and released petals when sat beneath a running bath tap? Well these are just as delightful but have so much more goodness to give! The soaps & bombs are all vegan and contain hemp oil ~ a top ingredient for great skincare, all 100% organic and free from any cruelty.

One thing I have to say is that these are not just good looking and fun beauty products to use, they have amazing healing properties and holistical benefits too.

Base Chakra Bomb ~ Muladhara

The Muladhara bomb is a vibrant pink with a glistening gold symbol and contains Frankincense & Myrrh (those ingredients on their own sound mysteriously inviting) the scent is sweet & woody and i could harness a twist of lemon. The colour is so pretty as you can see, it’s like stepping foot into lake of candyfloss. It made for a pleasant and aromatic bathing experience that had me feeling clean, relaxed and was a great way to unwind in the evening. It also does a few wonders for the skin as it left mine a little smooth & glowy afterwards. With this I was greeted with a Hematite gemstone, a nice smooth, dark gem and if your into this kind of thing then you’ll know they’re sometimes called ‘worry stones’ meaning protection & are good for stress & anxiety. When reading the label it is great to know that these ingredients also help to tighten & lift the skin and have anti ageing properties too.. so far more than just a pretty bath bomb.

Amethyst Skull Bomb

How vibrant is this colour? this gem bomb is in the form of a little skull and when taken out of its wrapper it was quite powdery so one to pop straight into a running bath. As you can see again it’s a great colour, full of dazzle & mystery. If like me you are the kind of person who likes to soak in a bath full of bubbles, I’m sure if you try these you will be so delighted with the amazing colour varieties and warm to them like I have. This colour is like a sea of lavender and the smell I found had a light & fresh floral scent with a hint of coconut, something I didn’t quite expect as the colour is quite deep, but nonetheless a pleasant one. Also just like the Muladhara bomb it left my skin glowing & feeling cleansed & revived. I was welcomed with a beautiful white lilac gemstone that was clear & sparkly.

Both gem bombs mixed very well with hot running water and took 3-4 minutes to fizzle out, the water consistency stayed the same with not a drop of gunk or film left on the surface which is great and it rinsed away completely after use.

Now onto the Gem Soap..

Root Chakra Hidden Gem Soap

This soap feels luxurious, with its shiny ripples & colourful translucency. It completely reminds me of one of my favourite ever soaps ~ ‘Pears’ the classic brown soap. This one has a woody & slightly zesty scent which remains for a little while after use. At first I thought this to be just a hand soap but as it is good for the skin (also containing Frankincense & Myrrh) I’m using it as facial soap too, especially knowing that it has anti ageing properties and gently tightens & lifts the skin. As you may know from some previous blogs of mine, I use Johnson baby soap as my cleanser and baby lotion as my moisturiser, so simplistic, natural and kind to the skin, so using this on my face comes as no surprise. It lathers up nicely with a light pink, foamy fluffyness and makes the skin feel clean & refreshed. The colour runs slightly when left on the basin so would be perfect held in a soapdish. This soap contains a cool gemstone which can be seen before extracted due to the translucency of the soap, so looking forward to when that little beauty pops out.

What I love the most about Sparkyle creations…

  • The vibrancy in colour
  • The gemstones (a unique and memorable touch)
  • Great for the skin

What else do Sparkyle offer…

  1. Crystals and Minerals
  2. Healing Tools, Wands & Accessories
  3. Books & Tarot
  4. Jewellery
  5. Crystal Homeware
Amethyst Gem Tree ○ £15.00

I wanted to include this beautiful gem tree that I’ve discovered on the website, isn’t it great? I’m in love with it 😊

So go ahead and browse the Sparkyle Website to see all the lovely creations.

Here are the social links should you wish to stay connected, I know they’ve some new up & coming products in the pipeline.

Have you used any products like this before? and what’s your favourite bath time treat?

*(This is is a collaborative blog post with Sparkyle, I was gifted these products in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own)*

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