Ooharr Face Masks #Review

I absolutely love trying new products especially when it comes to beauty and skincare, all of the little lotions & potions on the market ready to be indulged in. The colourful packaging or maybe a new brand name that you’ve not seen before, I always say ‘if it catches my eye, it’s worth a try’ so thanks to Ooharr I’ve had the chance to review a couple of their vibrant face masks that reaches out to exactly what I’ve said above

~ Colourful packaging, eye catching, and a brand name I’m not too familiar with and products I have never tried before.

A little bit about Ooharr..

  • More than 30 years experience sourcing the best natural ingredients and essential oils – creating innovative formulations at affordable prices.
  • Natural ingredients which have been shown to be highly effective in caring for the skin

A face mask is by no doubt top of the list when it comes to a pampering product, a nice little weekly or fortnightly treat for the skin. However, it was always the clay & mud masks I would use simply because of their blemish reducing qualities, but now I’m fortunate enough not to suffer with too many outbreaks, I’m looking more towards skincare that moisturises & hydrates.

Dead Sea Cooler ~ Deep Cleansing

“A delicious cocktail of peppermint, teatree & witch hazel for a bright, clear complexion, combined with dead sea salts to open pores, detoxify skin & draw out impurities. A touch of bamboo powder exfoliates and refreshes, while sweet almond & argan oil moisturises and protects”

I love the colour of this, it glided on easily and was a great consistency, it had a pleasant minty scent that felt refreshingly cool during the 15 minutes. It didn’t dry or crack. After I washed it off with warm water and patted my face dry my skin felt completely smooth and nourished, then adding some baby lotion (believe it or not that is my main facial moisturiser) It left my skin with a nice radiant sheen (soft, supple, clean skin) Perfect to then sit down with a cuppa before bed.

Rosie Glow ~ Deep Cleansing

“Intensely nourishing and balancing, a delicious mix of natural ingredients, vitamins & minerals to moisturise & hydrate skin. Also featuring marula oil to help protect skin from environmental damage & palmarosa essential oil which works to repair damaged skin. Dead sea salts & natural clay help detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pores”

Not as cooling but just as moisturising and hydrating as the dead sea cooler. This one I feel lacked in a scent but after all they are not for the aromas, but for the quality of skincare they provide and this does just that. Again, a pleasant smooth mask that glides on nicely. After the 15 minutes application, it did dry, maybe because I wasnt using it in the bath so the room wasn’t filled with steam, and unlike some other masks it came off easily when washed off with warm water. Leaving super soft skin that felt hydrated and cleansed with almost a powdery and polished feel.

Bare faced, cleansed & hydrated

So I would rate the Ooharr range a good 9/10. I can see they are not all the same and each one delightfully boasts different ingredients for different qualities, it is certainly clear that the best natural ingredients & essential oils are being professionally sourced and for the quality of these face masks the amazing price of £1.20 is a winner. It’s also great to know that these masks draw out impurities so I really didn’t need to stick to those clay/ mud only masks as they do the same thing with the added benefit of a smooth luxurious feel and the best ingredients.

All Varieties Available..

  1. Dead Sea Cooler ~ Deep Cleansing
  2. Rosie Glow ~ Deep Cleansing
  3. Juicy Burst ~ Nourishing
  4. Fruity Magic ~ Rejuvenating
  5. Star Glow ~ Skin Polisher

So go ahead and try for yourself, head over to Ooharr

Have you tried this brand before and what qualities do you look for in a face mask?

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