April Flowers and Delights

Stepping foot into the secret garden of hopes & dreams, sees a magical array of wonderfully colourful flowers and a place that delivers an awe inspiring view of peace & tranquility.

Hello There

Yes this is a lovely place to be, we took our boys and their baskets for a cute little easter Egg hunt at the in laws yesterday and I found myself taking photos of the gorgeous blooms I’ve been longing to see. I just wanted to share some of them with you,

April 1st, although not the sunniest of afternoons but lovely to see the refreshing little raindrops upon them.


Wandering around capturing the lovely colours; flowers are an instant mood lifter and sure to brighten anyone’s day.


Tulips are always a great bunch to have in the house too, my favourite place to have them is on the window seal in the kitchen. There’s something nice about gazing outside when your elbow deep in fairy liquid and you have some little petal rays gazing back at you!

Tulips on their way

This is a garden that brings home to many birds, a black labrador called Obi (master of the gaff) Robins that nest every year & a lonesome squirrel. Every summer the big tree gives birth to lots of juicy green apples, the animals have a feast and we get treated with apple pie of course.. oh and have you ever stuck a little one on the end of a stick and flung it like a tennis ball launcher? No? Well they go miles 😉

Berry Bush

Plenty of nutshakes brings all the birds to the yard..

Bird Feeders

Another wonderful thing Is this homemade wishing well, I absolutely love it, what a great idea and so classic.

Wishing Well Feature

This is only the start, again what a lovely April 1st. Summertime is absolutely magical here.


Plus what’s a big garden without a water feature? .. a big garden I guess. This photo doesn’t do it justice but this has its own circular area in the garden and is surrounded by a little brick wall, solar lights and some sparkly hanging lanterns.. night time is super cosy.

Water Feature

So yes it was a lovely day, and always is a lovely day when we get to visit this place.

Some more Daffodils

So when you next step foot outside and see some pretty little flowers, take some photographs and enjoy.

“To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow” ~ Audrey Hepburn

I hope you had a lovely Easter xxxx

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