Rainy Days & Misunderstanding

Is it raining outside? Are those little droplets upon the window?
Yes? Well today is going to be a fine day.

Everything about it I love ~ the smells, the sounds, the scenes. Its like music to my ears, washing away the dust of everyday life.
Don’t get me wrong, sunshine is good, sunshine is fun ~ an instant mood lifter. Each season of this beautiful world has its joys.
I’ve made a pact that our boys will not worry about getting wet, getting dirty & muddy. Okay, keep clean before school, schools important. You can’t sit there with soggy socks looking like your about to embark on some army cadet training. Stay smart when you need to, and make sure you always look after your shoes, your hair and the girls 😉 but when school is out and you come running to me with muddy legs all brown, I promise you I will not cast a frown.

I don’t know about you but the thought of spending a whole day indoors with two little boys can be quite testing, the boredom, the sofa diving, the grunting, dividing their one body back into two little ones when I need to pull them apart because they both want exactly the same car out of 269 of them. I thought “Right let’s go outside, the paths are wet but it’s only drizzling now..

Here’s a fun rainy day activity..

They popped on their wellies and raincoats and I gave them my super cool camera, we headed outside to see what we could photograph.. sure enough the paths came alive with bugs, snails, slugs, worms, ladybirds and pretty little flowers. “look mummy there’s another one”. They had so much fun taking photos of all their little finds and inhaled some good fresh air while they were at it. The next day we headed into town, bought a cheap little scrap book and printed off all the photos. They couldn’t wait to get them home and reach for the pritt stick. They were so proud to have created their own little Bug City book with Finley & Dylan as the authors and illustrators 😄

Of course you can’t beat a sunny day in the park, lots of climbing, sliding and swinging and that’s just me! (only joking, I’m not one for sliding) the monkey bars are enough for me (joking again). Sometimes we look up at the clouds and think ooh it’s looking a bit grey, maybe it’s time we started heading home, sometimes the grey clouds become blacker within a minute or so and there we are, contemplating whether to make a dash for it, running past handbags and newspapers upon the heads of squinty eyes. Or.. we ride it out, find shelter, or better still.. find a leafy bush ~ room for a whole family in there and luckily enough we’ve brought an umbrella as we live in Britain and it’s all a little bit unpredictable on the weather front!

I am yet to find a child who doesn’t like muddy puddles, a good walk through the Woodlands the day after a downpour is sometimes what the doctor ordered. Good slushy, slimy mud baths and excited faces, just take some spare shoes for when you get back into the car! It’s not a pretty site.

Back to some lovely rainy day memories.. when my first boy was a little baby asleep in his moses basket, it was summertime and I wanted to rest my eyes (he was a baby and I was up most of the night back then attending to bottle feeds and tears). I lay there, Wimbledon on the TV, French doors open and all I could hear was the Pitter patter of raindrops on the gazebo outside. It was so peaceful, the smell of a brewing storm ~ Bliss!

So when it rains please don’t sigh, Outside is always worth a try.
Grab a flask and find the brolly. Enjoy some fresh air and have a jolly.

Plus let’s not forget one of those magical little things in life. That stunning colourful arc in the sky!
The Magnificent RAINBOW.

“when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow” ~ Jerry Chin

Do you have a favourite rainy day activity with the kiddies or some fun memories? I’d love you to share them 😊

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