Bargain Beauty from the High Street


“Ladies.. Love the skin you are in, embrace your individual beauty and know that nobody is perfect, we are all brilliantly unique”

I am now 33 and love indulging in simple bathroom delights, over the years I have worked my way around the shelves looking for those products that will work best with my skin, products that enhance the things I like about myself and hide the things I’m not too keen on. One of those things being the beloved cellulite, I gave up coffee for a month recently and the gorgeous cottage cheese thighs seemed to get worse ha, please can somebody enlighten me on the science behind that? Anyway, I’m back on the Mellow Birds & using a body brush and am seeing some improvements. I have chunky thighs and what was it I said a moment ago? Oh yes.. ‘Embrace the skin you are in’!
For this blog post I am going to talk about some of the real little treasures I use, bargain beauts, all within easy reach to all of us.. the High Street. These products I will always use and always love.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion


I started buying this like so many other mummy’s when I had my first child. Yes it’s the haven for a baby’s delicate skin, it’s also the moisturiser I use for my face day and night, I wish I had started using this for my skin when I was a teenager, prone to so may outbreaks it looked like I was sent straight outa Pappa Luigis diner. Okay I know it was due to the hormones back then, but using a delicate lotion as good for a baby’s bottom could not have done any harm. My skin looks and feels better than it ever has before.

Rimmel’s 9 in 1 Radiance BB Cream


A skin perfecting super make up with 9 in 1 results. Primes, Moisturises, Minimises pores, Conceals, Covers, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and helps Protect.
If your thinking ‘really’? I’m telling you  really it does. It’s lovely to apply, blends great with your natural skin tone and has an spf20, a real winner. I used to use Maybellines Lasting Finish Foundation, which was good but this BB Cream is better for the skin and a lot cheaper. Even if I had more pennies I would still stick to this one.

Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Lip Butter


It’s one of my favourite aromas in a beauty product, has fantastic moisturizing properties and feels luscious on the lips, I love the taste of chocolate so why would I not love the smell of chocolate kisses ☺

☆ Here’s a tip for the lip ☆ 
Gently rub your lips with an old toothbrush before using lip butters, balms and lipsticks. It smoothes them and gets rid of any dry skin (like an exfoliant) making application easier and much more even.

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops


Eyedrops are not for everybody but I’ve been a fan of the Optrex brand since I was a little girl and used to suffer with conjunctivitis. These are really handy to keep in the bathroom or your handbag, whether you need a little eye refreshment for those late nights up with the kiddies, late nights down with the party’s or your staring at a computer at work all day, or like me right now writing up this blog. Either way these drops are sure to relieve tired eyes and give you some dazzling sparkly ones in an instant.

TRESemmé Salon Silk Shampoo & Conditioner

Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner

This has become a favourite of mine and I would like to buy it more than I do, the reason being, they are not the cheapest choice on the high street, although they come in big bottles I suppose that could outweigh the value for money. Anyway, whenever I use this range, my locks feel silky smooth & shiny and looks well cared for. Now an old favourite of mine used to be ‘Organics’ yes those ones in the little green bottles back in the 90s ~ if anybody knows anywhere that still stocks these then you must comment. I would grab it straight away, it did wonders and was a real bargain. Why do some things dissappear. Do you remember Jolly Ranchers and those pink fizzy cans of Hubba Bubba, okay going slightly off track.

Wilkinsons Fruits Fragrance Explosions Body Soufflé


I may be a little bias here, this is a pot of yumminess brought home by my little boy from school that he’d chosen as a mothers day gift, bless his little cottons, he knows me so well. I got the Strawberry & Pomegranate one and it smells so good I could eat it. So next time you visit Wilkos for some paint and a pick n’ mix grab yourself one.

Moving onto a fragrance..

Avon’s Tahitian Holiday Exotic Body Mist

‘Cools and refreshes with a kiss of moisture and a sheer veil of tropical scent’ ~ this is how they describe it. I describe it as jumping from a waterfall into a indulgently tropical blue lagoon and swimming around with friendly magical fish 😉 Ladies.. it’s not just for Holidays.


Well these are the beauty products I swear by, will always use and always love. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to reach for your coins and not your cards. Plus if anybody knows about the coffee and cellulite scenario them I’m all ears. Have a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “Bargain Beauty from the High Street

  1. The Rimmel BB cream sounds like something i need. i recently got a soap and glory cleaners. more than i’d usually spend but it was recommended by the girl who does my massage on my neck. and it is lovely! smells of peaches and my skin is left super soft. product of the week i think !

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