My First Love ~ The Seaside

Having contemplated for almost a whole week what to write for my very first blog, I now know that It should absolutely be about the Seaside, the brilliant British seaside.

I’m very lucky to have had what I call a great childhood, not because we had everything, because we didn’t. My mum & dad worked very hard for the roof over our heads and the food on our tables. My childhood was great because we had all the love, guidance & security a child needs and we were spoilt with exciting family caravan holidays, whatever the weather; our holidays were an absolute dream..

From riding the little Red train along the beach from Mablethorpe to Skegness, jumping off the highest dunes we could find and being almost buried alive in the sand with nothing but a head popping out. My bro winning a drumming competition with Eddie Floyd’s ‘knock on wood’. I remember being mortified when my Dad showed me how to pull the heads off a bunch of king prawns & scoop out all of the eggs, but hey, I will not go to the seaside now without grabbing a few pots of fishy deliciousness off the stool and soaking them in vinegar. I will also never forget our beloved family Rover 213 pumping out a Jungle Mania CD.
So with this I want to give my Mum & Dad the warmest ‘Thank You’ for allowing me to grin the biggest grin whenever I think of our childhood and the good old days.

Now that I have my own family; a wonderful fiancé, two loveable little rogues in the name of Finley & Dylan plus a gorgeous stepdaughter & stepson. These treasured memories will be relived and the love for coastal caravan holidays and fun will long continue.

We set off on our first little seaside adventure for 2018 only the other day.. Mothers Day! What a treat, he knows me too well. On the drive up there, I asked our two little boys if they wanted a snack.. a frube and some haribos. Little Dylan would never say no, he is the sticky cheeked fridge picking eating machine, and then there’s Finley “no thank you, I want to wait for my fish & chips” I felt chuffed at those words ~ now I know the good simple things in life are already being enjoyed and appreciated.
Wet footprints in the sand looking for crabs, building castles and skimming pebbles.

So please, embrace those trips to the seaside, inhale the fresh salty air and listen to the waves crashing together. Send a funny postcard, collect seashells and let the kiddies lap up an ice cream without wiping their little faces after the first crunch. Enjoy every second of it and cherish the moments forever as all too soon those moments will turn into memories, but guaranteed they will be some of the best ones 😊


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